Here are some of the previous live content that I have done. I have talked with bands and other people within the music scene. Check them out here or you can check them out on YouTube (please subscribe).

Travis O’Connel of Stay Classy Prints. He was the guitarist for the band The Aberration and he is the guitarist of the band Ratsmasher. If you click on the STAY CLASSY link above order the $225 bundle, let Trav know I sent you and he will throw you some free merch in. Flier to follow.
Eric Valad of She Walks Without Legs. One of my show buddies. You’ll hear about it in this episode.
Patrick Francoeur. One of my best friends. Pat and I have played in a few bands together. We’ve hated each other and we love each other. In this episode we discuss it all.
Dustin Terrio. Drummer of the last band I was in, Bound By Betrayal. Great guy with a great head on his shoulder. Glad to know him and his family.
Aaron Freeman of She Walks Without Legs. The vocalist of one my dearest scene band friends. I’ve known Aaron for almost 6 years and we have become really close.
Josh Elmore, guitarist of Cattle Decapitation. I’ve known the guys in Cattle for what seems like forever. I have kept in touch with the guys throughout their years of touring.
Zack of As Misery Fades. Great musician and a good dude to work with.
Marrissa Ann joins me to talk about what it was like being a photographer in the scene
Scott Manchester of the band One Ton Tommy Gun. A great dude who when you get a few drinks in him will hug you all night. Much love and respect to this guy and the support that he shows the bands.
Josh Richardson. Drummer for Begat the Nephilim. We talk about how I found these guys and how it feels to tour.
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