Conducted first even donation for musician

This past week, I had my old drummer Melvin on to talk the normal stuff. You know, how did you get into music and what are you doing now type of stuff. 2 years ago, I knew that Melvin had an apartment fire that took his drum kit. I didn’t realize that it had been so long. Melvin and I got talking on the episode and I found out that he hasn’t really played drums that much unless he was able to play on other people’s drums at their place. 2 years he has not had his own drum kit.
I honestly was broken up because, you know, I have my instrument in my apartment and I can play if I wanted to, I just haven’t picked it up in almost a year. This guy would play his drums every day if he could be he didn’t have a kit to do so on. After I was finished recording the episodes on Sunday, I made a post on my personal Facebook and reached out to some people about buying Melvin a kit. I found a newer version of the kit that went up in flames. We were able to purchase the shells in less than 12 hours. On Wednesday 4/7/2021, the shells arrived at my apartment, this is when I realized that this is actually real.
Still needing to get hardware, cymbals, throne and pedals I had a few people reach out to me to make donations. Another one of my old drummers (Dustin; interviewed him about 3 or 4 episodes in) reached out to let me know that he has stands and a throne he would be willing to donate for the kit. Another friend of mine and a friend of Melvins as well, Frank from the band She Walks Without Legs, reached out to offer cymbals. Also had Jamie Cross from Atomic War Machine offer to donate a ride cymbal. This absolutely made my day with the fact so many people offered equipment up to help a fellow musician.
Earlier today, I purchased what will hopefully end up being the last piece of the entire kit, a double kick pedal. I will be picking that up later today.
The plan is to bring the kit over to his friend’s house, set it up and some how get Melvin to come over. If everything goes according to plan, there will end up being a video posted about it.
These are the types of things I would love to do for musicians. Having someone as awesome as Melvin not only as a fellow band mate, but as a friend was great. I love him not only as a person but a friend. Stay tuned to hear/see the results of this donation.
Also, if you donated to the cause, please know that it was greatly appreciated and everything has gone into making this happen for Melvin.

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