First entry

I don’t normally blog about music but in here, that is what I plan on doing. Not so much blogging about it but showing support for bands that I have found throughout the internet. I have a podcast that I run and while I am a metal head myself, I try to be diverse. I like almost anything but country (I’ll give it a try for about 20 seconds, if I don’t like it I won’t finish it). I’ll post here what bands I have had on my podcast and I’ll leave links for listeners to find the shows.

My shows are released on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7 AM EST. I will make an acceptation for bands that are out of my time zone if need be (bands in Europe, Russia, Australia, ect.)

Are you looking to get shirts printed for your band? Maybe some other merchandise? Check out my buddy Travis at Stay Classy Prints. Check out his Spring Deals below.

Check the podcast on Spotify:

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